Food Bank

Food Bank Client Policies

groceriesThe Food Bank is an outreach Ministry of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and as such is bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. This is to ensure the buildings and grounds of St. Andrew’s Church are safe for both the Clients of the Food Bank and its Volunteers. In order to do this the following policies are being put in place.

Clients wanting to use the Food Bank must abide by the following policies, failure to do so would result in expulsion or being banned:

  • Clients must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If it appears that the Client is intoxicated he/she will be refused entrance. No drinking of alcohol, smoking marijuana, or taking drugs on Church grounds. Regular cigarette smoking only behind designated signage area, be mindful of non-smoker Clients in the line.
  • Clients who use abusive or offensive language will be refused entry. If they are in the building when arguing or fighting occurs they will be escorted out.
  • Clients must not use their cell phones when in the food selection rooms.
  • Clients must be respectful of Volunteers at all times as well as the church building and grounds.
  • Clients must be dressed appropriately and not wear clothes that could be offensive to others.
  • Clients must be in control of their child / children at all times, except when in the care of a Volunteer while their parent is shopping. Only 2 Adult Relatives allowed with child or children in the Kids’ Room.
  • Clients who are visibly disabled, ill, or where there are extenuating circumstances, may be granted early access.
  • Clients are not allowed to sit on any staircase. Stairs are designated fire emergency exits and must remain clear at all times. Clients are not allowed to sit on the Church stage or go behind the curtains this is a restricted area.
  • Clients will be allowed to use the restrooms prior to opening time, but no loitering in the building will be allowed.
  • Clients will only be allowed to wait in the Great Hall, Kids’ Room or outside the building. No standing will be allowed in the hallways unless their number has been called.
  • Clients must show Food Bank Registration ID card every week to receive ticket number. Failure to bring ID card will result in these Clients being served last.
  • Clients must be in possession of their bags at all times, and leave the building by the back door immediately after shopping.
  • Individuals under 16 years of age will not be allowed to use the Food Bank.
  • Individuals not wanting to use the Food Bank will not be given admittance to the building.

The Food Bank is open every Wednesday from 12 – 2 pm, a light lunch is served for every Brampton resident in need.

Clients bring their your own bags to carry away canned goods, fresh produce, bread, toiletries and other various food items.

For parents we have a supervised child care room for children to play while the parents go through the food room.

The food bank is run by volunteers who donate of their time generously, and we purchase food from local Brampton and Mississauga businesses.

We accept all donations of food from various schools and organizations who do regular food drives on our behalf.

For more information about our food bank please call 905-451-1723, or fill in our Food Bank Request Info Form.