Church Community

Looking for a place where you and your family can belong? Want a safe haven for you and your loved ones?

MultiCulturalSundayJesus called his followers “friends” because he loved them and wanted them to love each other (John 15:12-17). Disciples can follow their teacher without knowing or caring for each other. Friends cannot. Friends love one another. Friends enjoy each other. Here at St. Andrew’s, coming to church is about coming together with friends.


We are a passionately committed to warm and loving relationships. We believe that being a follower of Jesus does not mean avoiding conflict, but addressing the situation with the reconciling love of God. We are a group of friends who live out our faith together, with passion courage and commitment.



Starting with our ministers and continuing throughout our entire organization we reach out with Christ’s love through worship, learning and serving. The various events and activities that we run point to the fact that we are an active faith community now and have been part of the Brampton community for over 165 years. We invite you to join this Christian community.