Every organization needs structure to function effectively. As Presbyterians we govern ourselves through democratically elected elders who meet together as a Session.  Together our elders make all decisions concerning the welfare of the congregation.  Session supervises a series of committees that look after various aspects of church life.

As well, elders regularly visit members to talk and to pray.  Our Lead Minister moderates Session and the Clerk acts as the secretary.  Any of our ministers or the Clerk of Session can answer your questions.

The Session of St. Andrew’s

The Session of St. Andrew’s is the democratically elected spiritual ruling body of the church.  The Session receives and approves the reports and recommendations of all church committees and sets the direction for the future of our congregation.  Each Session member is responsible for pastoral care of church members within their elder’s district.  An elder should live as an example of good Christian faith and stewardship in their public and private lives.

Congregational Care Ministry

The Congregational Care Ministry ensures loving and consistent care, prayer, communication and support for all members and adherents of St. Andrew’s Brampton in various stages, places and circumstances of life. This ministry will include the Visitation Team and Supporting Elders who feel called to visit and other volunteers.

Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee directs and co-ordinates all children and adult Christian education activities within the congregation. They oversee the Sunday School curriculum and consider new opportunities for adult education, while providing resources and events for teacher training.

Food Bank Committee

The Food Bank will help provide food and necessities to those in need. The Food Bank committee shall oversee all aspects of the operation of the Food Bank.

Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is responsible for social action and special mission activities in the local community and around the world. This committee plans and promotes evangelism and outreach programmes, mission trips, the St. Andrew’s Food Cupboard, as well as national Presbyterian programmes such as Presbyterians Sharing, Presbyterian World Service and Development and the Women’s Missionary Society.

Property Committee

The Property Committee looks after the physical building. Our church officer looks after the day to day cleaning and maintenance of the building. If there are concerns about the building you may approach either the church officer or the Property Committee.

Stewardship Committee

One of the hallmarks of Presbyterians is that our organization is transparent. This is especially true when it comes to money. We treat the gifts that people make very seriously. The Stewardship Committee looks after making sure that all money that we receive is used for furthering our mission. They make sure that the various ministries we carry out have adequate funding. You can request our audited financial statements at any time and members vote annually on our budget.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee provides direction and co-ordination for our worship services including consultation with the Lead Minister and co-ordinating the work of the organist, choirs, bands and soloists who participate in our ministry of music. This committee is responsible for the provision of Bibles and hymn books in the sanctuary, and co-ordinating the work of providing flowers and decorations in the sanctuary for special occasions.