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Since 1880 Presbyterians have met to worship, learn and serve at the corner of Church and Union Streets in Brampton.  Starting in 1823 Scottish immigrants began to meet as Presbyterians in their homes.  We now boast many different nationalities meeting in a heritage building.  Despite all the changes, a few things have remained constant through those years.  We always gather together to worship, which is why the Sanctuary was the first building erected.  Next came the Great Hall, which has hosted thousands of social events over the years, each one contributing to the Christian community we enjoy.  Because we believe that faith is something to think about, in the 1950’s and 60’s we added a Christian education wing to house the many educational programs we run.  Throughout our history, the people of St. Andrew’s have looked beyond the four walls to the needs of the wider community, whether it was using local Credit Valley Stone in constructing the Sanctuary or in reaching out to the hungry in our community with our food bank, now housed in the Christian education wing.

worship service Fix 3x4.5Our Sanctuary represents our historical Presbyterian identity.  Based on the Akron plan, the semi-circular pew arrangement reflects the fact that we believe the entire congregation plays an important and participatory role in worship.  Our prominent, raised pulpit reflects the importance of the Bible to our tradition.  Every Sunday we read the Scriptures from an elevated position so that everyone can hear them.  Our communion table situated on the main floor is reminiscent of the Lord’s table at the Last Supper.  It is not an altar or object of worship but rather where we gather as a community to share and distribute the bread and wine of The Sacrament of Holy Communion.  Our wooden font represents the other sacrament that Presbyterians believe in – baptism.

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