Sunday School

DWELL Imagine – Primary grades (K-Gr. 3).   

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God’s story is exciting—and it’s ongoing!

DWELL helps kids to live into God’s story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.  It encourages kids to live out of God’s story every day as they respond to God’s call.

Middle School grades (Gr. 4 – Gr. 8).   

Click HERE for Unit 4-5 Calendar.

The Connect curriculum allows the youth to explore the Bible (using the Connect Bible) to read, highlight, and sketch as they search for passages and learn how the Old Testament and New Testament are connected.  The Youth will also make associations between the biblical stories and their own lives.

Young Adult (Highschool)   

Our  highschoolers are attending worship until the class will pick up again in September.  We the teachers feel it is important for our youth to also attend worship to continue to grow their faith